MLAI 2019 – International Workshop on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Lundi 7 et mardi 8 octobre 2019 à Télécom Paris.
Accès libre dans la limite des places disponibles.
Evénement entièrement en anglais.

The joint availability of computational power and huge datasets has considerably changed the landscape of Artificial Intelligence. In many fields, applications that seemed out of reach in the past are now closer to becoming a reality.

Recent advances in machine learning, the key component of AI, show the growing maturity of algorithms that are now able to handle an increasing number of new tasks. This workshop aims to be a forum for recent approaches developed to cope with these stimulating challenges of AI.

The first edition of this workshop attracted over 200 people from academia and industry in September 2018. We are please to invited you this year to tackle new ML & IA challenges such as natural language processing and dialogue, privacy, optimization, human learning & robotics…

Session 1: Methodological Approaches of Machine Learning

  • Francis Bach (Inria Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieure)
  • Isabelle Bloch (LTCI, Télécom Paris)
  • Jérôme Bolte (Université Toulouse 1 Capitol)

Session 2: Machine Learning & Privacy

  • Grégory Bonnet (Normandie Université, Université Caen Normandie)
  • Aurélien Bellet (Inria)
  • Pablo Piantanida (CentraleSupelec)

Session 3: Machine Learning, Human Learning and Robotics

  • Pierre-Yves Oudeyer (Inria, Université de Bordeaux, ENSTA Paris)
  • Lisheng Sun (LRI, Université Paris Sud)
  • Marc Deisenroth (Imperial College London)

Session 4: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Dialogu

  • Olivier Pietquin (Google Brain)
  • Lingfei Wu (IBM Research AI)

Session 5: Physics and Artificial Intelligence

  • Lenka Zdeborová (CNRS – CEA)