Clubs and Associations

Clubs and Associations

Télécom Paris encourages its students to participate actively in clubs and associations. They provide valuable learning opportunities and help students develop a sense of responsibility and organization. Certain responsibilities are recognized (ECTS credits) within the engineering program.

Over 70 clubs and associations give students the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities such as :

  • The Bureau des Élèves (Student Union) and Jeunes Chercheurs Télécom (PhD Student Union)
  • Sports (sailing, badminton, handball, tennis, volleyball, etc.)
  • Culture (theater, improv, Tivi + etc.)
  • Music (BDAC arts and culture organization, choir, salsa, Télécom Sound & Magic, etc.)
  • Business world (Télécom Étude (Junior Enterprise), Telecommunications and Digital Forum etc.)
  • Digital technologies (Rézel – Student Network, Telecom Robotics etc.)
  • A large variety of activities from oenology to coinche (traditional French card game)
  • Charity organizations (Make a Difference etc.)
  • and more!

Spotlight on…

Le Bureau des Élèves – Student Union

Clubs and associations for students in engineering, Master of Science and Post-Master’s programs are managed by the Bureau des Élèves.

Rézel, student network

The internal IT network for the Maison des Élèves is unique in that it is managed by students themselves. As part of the Rézel association, students are responsible for managing this network. A number of specific services are offered for students who are members.

Les Jeunes Chercheurs Télécom (PhD Student Union)

The PhD Student Union is made up of PhD student volunteers who strive to improve their fellow students’ lives over the three years they spend at the School completing their PhD. It aims to build a PhD student community, help PhD students with the various steps of their studies and act as a link between them and the administration.


BDS –Bureau des Sports (Sports Office)

Sports are an important part of student life at Télécom Paris. To encourage students to take part in sports, they are given one free afternoon per week. A physical education teacher oversees all sports activities in close collaboration with the BDS (Sports Office) managed by students. Students have access to numerous sports facilities on the new Paris-Saclay campus, including those of École polytechnique.

The BDS manages clubs and associations representing over twenty disciplines, from the most common sports (tennis, football, etc.) to more “seasonal” disciplines (such as skiing, for example).

The BDS is also responsible for supervising and financing these clubs and associations. In addition, the BDS takes care of finding fields and gymnasiums (never more than a ten-minute walk from the School) for practice sessions and organizes tournaments throughout the year.

The disciplines practiced include both men’s and women’s teams.

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