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Digital entrepreneurship is entering a new phase of acceleration and disruption. Acceleration refers to the pace with which internet start-ups are conquering the entire economy. Only a short time ago, web-based companies created their own segment or positioned themselves in industries which were relatively easy to enter. But today, all traditional markets – even the most highly regulated ones – are threatened by one or more internet-based start-ups.


As for disruption, it can be seen in views expressed by the most influential players in internet entrepreneurship. Investors, incubators, mentors, and entrepreneurs themselves now advance the image of an entrepreneur who is increasingly seen as a « hacker. »

To prepare our engineering students to enter this new world, we offer various entrepreneurship training opportunities over the course of the program.

In the 2nd year

Entrepreneurship course

Digital start-ups are now gaining control of the entire economy. All markets have either been taken over or threatened by online start-ups: Booking and AirBnB in the hotel industry, Uber in the taxi industry, Tesla in the automobile industry, Coursera in the education industry, Clarity in the consulting industry, Paypal in the banking industry, Square in the payment methods industry etc.

In this sixty-hour course in the Strategy, Innovation, Markets (SIM) study track, students gain an understanding of how markets work and learn to build business models, incorporate a design process in innovation, analyze new uses and more…


Throughout the 3 years

Innovating in a digital world MOOC

All of our engineering students take this MOOC, which was created by Télécom Paris faculty members. It explains the new rules introduced by today’s digital world and helps students understand new mechanisms of innovation and entrepreneurship. Each concept is explained through an educational video along with additional resources. The MOOC falls under the field of management and economics and provides students with a solid understanding of:

  • New rationales for creation and value capture
  • The factors driving the acceleration of the digital revolution
  •  The principles of business strategy, in and through the digital world
  •  New forms of business organization
  •  Specific features of entrepreneurial dynamics


In the 3rd year

The Incubator project
This course gives students an inside look at everyday life for start-ups. This unique course is based on partnership projects with businesses developed at the Télécom Paris Novation Center incubator. It gives students insight into the increasingly important role technology plays in users’ lives and how these changes have impacted their practices. An engineer’s work is now to take account of this complex environment in which people’s attention and availability have become scarce resources.
A certificate with Sciences Po
Bringing together students from Sciences Po Paris and Télécom Paris, this certificate program offers third-year courses proposed jointly by the two schools. The program includes innovation management, data management, design thinking workshops, business model development, innovation projects organized by businesses etc. Students spend one semester at each school, and gain dual expertise, combining technical skills with proficiency in innovation management through digital technology.
The Entrepreneurship option

This 3rd-year option is intended for:

Students who are interested in start-ups as it gives them a look at key concepts for understanding how Internet start-ups are gaining control over the entire economy. Students learn about the strategies used by the latest digital start-ups.
Students who may be interested in becoming entrepreneurs but who do not yet have a specific start-up project. This option helps them develop their creativity in order to develop an original, disruptive idea which is both profitable and scalable. Not all entrepreneurial ideas are created equal. This course will help students find an entrepreneurial project they could be interested in pursuing, whether in the short, medium or long term.
Students with a determined start-up project. For students who are already entrepreneurs, this year enables them to grow their start-up. They benefit from extensive feedback, both from instructors and prospective customers. They also present their project to investors and incubators. Students accelerate their business’s performance by taking the most appropriate technical courses to develop their innovations.

The Digital entrepreneur study track with HEC and Ecole 42
The « Digital entrepreneur » study track brings together students with complementary specializations from HEC, Télécom Paris (3rd year students) and École 42, giving them the opportunity to think up, develop and carry out an entrepreneurial project of their choice. This training is based on the lean start-up philosophy. As such, student entrepreneurs are encouraged to develop a minimum viable product in a very short time so that they can receive feedback from their potential customers’ as quickly as possible.


The entrepreneurship option gave me the opportunity to devote a large part of my time to a personal project. I was able to hand-select my courses so that I could study topics that were useful for me and still have enough time to work on my project. The professors provided just the right amount of guidance: they were available to answer questions and help me make contacts, without pestering me with questions or reports to hand in. All aspects of the program are designed to allow students to devote as much time as possible to our projects and develop them as we wish! »
Florent Rémis X2011 - Télécom Paris engineer, Class of 2016




Throughout the program, our engineering students have the opportunity to discover innovation and entrepreneurship through innovative learning projects.

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