Women graduate, professors, students, doctoral student: they tell us about their interests, their career path, why digital technology and why Télécom Paris. They also tell us what they think of this predominantly male environment, and give their advice and wishes to make the digital sector more feminine.

Last speakers of our great cycle in which our fellow « télécommiennes » tell us their stories:

#TélécommiennesInTech : Catherine Lucas (vidéo eng)

Catherine Lucas, graduate, founder of Navigacom, and sponsor of the 2022 class


#TélécommiennesInTech : Florence d'Alché (vidéo eng)

Florence d’Alché-Buc, professor in artificial intelligence


#TélécommiennesInTech : Ghaya Rekaya (vidéo eng)

Ghaya Rekaya, professor in digital communications


#TélécommiennesInTech : Maxellende Julienne (vidéo eng)

Maxellende Julienne, student


#TélécommiennesInTech : Laure-Amélie Colin (vidéo eng)

Laure-Amélie Colin, student


#TélécommiennesInTech : Chloé Paliard (vidéo eng)

Chloé Paliard, PhD student

#TélécommiennesInTech : Chloé Clavel (vidéo eng)

Chloé Clavel, professor in emotional computing

Header image source Yanalya/Freepik