Spin Offs

Télécom Paris encourages and helps its students and researchers to develop entrepreneurial projects and spin-offs from our school. The school is specially equipped to support the development of this type of start-up.  

The school protects its researchers’ inventions, files patents derived from their research and protects the software they write. The resulting intellectual property assets may then be conceded to the emerging start-up, which benefits from intensive support from Télécom Paris Novation Center incubator.

Télécom Paris also trains a number of its students in entrepreneurship. Many projects originally developed by students through class activities for their studies come to life as start-ups.



Spin-offs created through research


Secure-IC is a technological start-up created through Télécom Paris laboratories, with three of the school’s researchers as co-founders: Jean-Luc Danger, Sylvain Guilley and Laurent Sauvage.
The company provides security solutions for connected objects and embedded electronic systems (mobile phones, electronic passports, credit cards, automobile electronics etc.) in order to combat cybercrime.


Scalinx was developed through research carried out by its founder, Hussein Fakhoury, at Télécom Paris laboratories. This start-up is set to become a French star in the field of electronics.

By developing a new generation of analog-to-digital converters, this start-up has attracted the attention of stakeholders in strategic fields such as the defense, space, healthcare and communications sectors. These components are found in all electronic systems that interface analog and digital functions, whose performance depends on the quality of the converters used.


Spin-offs created by students


Agorize was founded by Yohan Attal, Yohann Melamed (Class of 2010) and Charles Thou after they met through an HEC – Télécom Paris Joint Master’s program.

They developed a SaaS platform for open innovation that allows companies to develop and post online calls for proposals for large-scale projects related to key issues they face. Different communities of innovators (students, developers/designers, start-ups) then connect to the platform, sign up for challenges and form teams to respond to them.

Agorize acts as a link between major groups and innovators from around the world in order to develop innovative solutions based on collective intelligence.


Energysquare created a wireless system for charging tablets and mobile phones. Its founders, Timothée Le Quesne and Daniel Lollo, are both Télécom Paris graduates (Class of 2015).

Devices are charged by conduction using a simple mechanism that includes a sticker and a metal plate. With its technology currently being tested in hotels, Energysquare, a start-up which was incubated at Télécom Paris and was awarded an interest-free loan, seeks to expand internationally and accommodate other connected objects.

Energysquare won the Bercy-IMT Innovation Grand Prize awarded at CES 2019.


MesDepanneurs is a company co-founded by Alexander Gushchin, a Télécom Paris graduate (Class of 2013).

It is a platform that connects customers facing household problems (leak, power outage, door slam shut and locked, broken window etc.) with qualified, carefully-selected repair professionals. MesDépanneurs.fr is the go-to solution for household emergencies.

The start-up was purchased by Engie and won an award at CES Las Vegas.
Integration into a large group will bring the investments necessary for the development of the start-up which is already present in 25 French cities, particularly in terms of communication.

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