Admission for students with Bachelor's and Master's Degree

Fields : Electronics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics

Télécom Paris’s engineering program is focused on mastering new, widely-used digital technologies, managerial skills and foreign languages, and has a strong international dimension.

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Common application procedure

Students who have completed (or are completing) a scientific Bachelor’s degree

Enroll at Télécom Paris as a first-year student, for three years of studies.

Number of places: 20

Students who have completed (or are completing) a one-year Master’s degree

Enroll at Télécom Paris directly as a second-year student, for two years of studies.

Number of places: 20



Application process

To simplify the application process for university students, Télécom Paris and other engineering schools have developed a common application procedure and written examinations. Are you interested in applying to one of those programs? Apply online and specify the schools to which you are applying.

Complete a single online application and submit the requested documents (academic transcripts, etc.) electronically. Originals of all documents will be requested at interviews. You must bring all application materials to oral examinations or interviews.

1 — Submit application online – deadline: March 10, 2023
2 — Selected applicants are asked to advance to the next round by taking a written exam (scientific placement test & French language exam)
3 — After the written exam, students selected by Télécom Paris will be asked to do interviews.
4 — After these interviews the Télécom Paris admission panel will compile a list of accepted applicants.

Note 1: final admission is contingent on the successful completion of you degree.
Note 2: applicants ranked by the admission panel last year graduated with honors, high honors or highest honors.



Ahmed Msik, admis voie universitaire (vidéo)

Ahmed Amine Msik is a 2nd year student-engineer at Télécom Paris. Having previously completed a Master’s degree at the University of Paris-Dauphine-PSL, he describes his career path, the reasons that led him to join Télécom Paris, and his professional prospects.