Télécom Paris education : Your 3rd year

Prepare for your career

You will have various options with the same level of excellence.

Your 3rd year at Télécom Paris will give you the opportunity to prepare for the career of your choice, depending on your profile.

Students admitted in the 1st or 2nd year

Technological innovation option: internal options

Your 3rd year at the school gives you the opportunity to specialize in one of the 14 options offered. In addition to the option courses, students complete a Master Innovation Research Project (PRIM): valuable innovation training with the aim of responding to problems facing businesses and research labs.

Students must also complete a final six-month internship.

Double Degree Master of Science in Engineering

Open to 36-month and 24-month students, and students from École Polytechnique.

Over 40 Master’s programs are offered at Institut Polytechnique de Paris and universities in Paris with which the school has agreements. You may apply for one of the Master 2 programs recommended by the director of your study track.
You will, therefore, obtain a double degree (an engineering degree from Télécom Paris and a Master’s degree from the university).

Students must complete a six-month internship.

Multidisciplinary partnership option

Open to 36-month students and, for certain curriculums, to 24-month students.

Télécom Paris also gives students the opportunity to study alternative third-year curriculums at partner institutions (IMT graduate schools, Paris schools), either to complete their third year (they, therefore, obtain a Télécom Paris degree), or as part of a double degree program, which means that they must extend their studies (examples: with HEC or ENSAE).

A six-month internship is also required.

International option

Open to 36-month students and 24-month students from French universities.

Our many partnerships with prestigious foreign universities give you the opportunity to gain international experience as part of your studies.

You may choose to complete either a double degree or a Master of Science (17 partners) program, or enroll in a six-month exchange course (42 countries available).
Some of our students have studied abroad at leading American universities which do not offer partnership programs but recruit only top students. Scholarship programs are available to provide students with aid for international mobility.

A complementary six-month internship is also required.

question programme ingénieur

Students admitted in the 3rd year

18-month Students
(admitted in the 3rd year, from École Polytechnique or foreign universities)

Technological innovation* choice between:

Semester 1
Technological innovation

Semester 2
Internship or course
Technological innovation

Semester 3
Internship or course

* Students from École Polytechnique may replace the Technological innovation option with a Master 2 program.

You may choose from the 14 options available in the courses offer.

In addition to the option courses, you will choose from:

  • teaching unit electives (15 ECTS credits) from our entire course catalog: courses included in 2nd year or 3rd-year study tracks
  • courses in the shared curriculum (10 ECTS credits)
  • language courses (8 ECTS credits) and personal and professional skills courses (3 ECTS credits)


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