Information Processing and Communications Laboratory (LTCI)

The Information Processing and Communications Laboratory (LTCI) is Télécom Paris’ in-house research laboratory. Since January 2017, it has continued the work previously carried out by the CNRS joint research unit of the same name. The LTCI was created in 1982 and is known for its extensive coverage of topics in the field of information and communication technologies. The LTCI’s core subject areas are computer science, networks, signal and image processing and digital communications. The laboratory is also active in issues related to systems engineering and applied mathematics.


Cutting-Edge, Cross-Disciplinary Research

The laboratory stands out for its lasting relationships with industrial partners through its research chairs and joint laboratories.

Within Paris-Saclay, the LTCI is strongly involved in the Digicosme and LMH Labex, as well as in the System X technological research institute and the ISN, NanoDesign, CDS and PIM projects.

The LTCI is accredited for the quality of its partnership-based research as part of Institut Carnot Télécom & Société Numérique. The LTCI also has close ties with the I3 laboratory (Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation), which brings together the economic and social sciences research projects carried out at Télécom Paris.

LTCI Key figures

Academic recognition

Hcéres (Haut Conseil de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur)In 2018, the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (Hcéres), evaluated the LTCI as “being exceptional in quality with publications in the best journals and conferences”.

Rétrospective recherche 2022

Consult the Télécom Paris 2022 research activity report: 70 pages, 18 research teams (LTCI and i3 laboratories), concrete examples of fundamental and applied research work and numerous illustrations.

Research teams

  • Autonomous Critical Embedded Systems [ACES]
  • Circuits & Communications Systems [C2S]
  • Cybersecurity for Communication and Networking [CCN]
  • Data, Intelligence, Graphs [DIG]
  • Design Interaction Visualization and Applications [DIVA]
  • Digital Communications [ComNum]
  • Image, Modeling, Analysis, Geometry, Synthesis [IMAGES]
  • Mathematics for Information, Communication and Computing [MC2]
  • Multimedia [MM]
  • Networks, Mobility and Services [RMS]
  • Optical Telecommunications [GTO]
  • Quantum Information and Applications [IQA]
  • Radio Frequency and Microwaves [RFM²]
  • Secure and Safe Hardware [SSH]
  • Signal, Statistics and Learning [S2A]
  • System on Chip [LabSoc]

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The LTCI Laboratory regularly organizes seminars that cut across several disciplines.

  • Critical Embedded Systems Seminar
  • Data Science Seminar
  • IP Paris DSIT Faculty Day
  • LTCI-i3 Seminar
  • Samovar – LTCI Workshop: Probabilistic Methods in Computational Statistics
  • Samovar Seminar- LTCI 2019


Annals of Telecommunications

Annals of Telecommunications, founded in 1946, is an international
journal publishing original peer-reviewed papers in the field of telecommunications.  It is indexed in Scopus and Thomson Reuters, which has set an impact factor of 1.546 for 2019. The Journal covers all the essential branches of telecommunications from technologies (SOC devices, optical communication, microwaves and antennas, IOT) to digital communications and signal processing (information theory, coding, MIMO), software and protocols (communication networks, digital security, services) and uses and economics (health, mobility, trust, privacy, legal and regulation issues). It provides a medium for exchanging research results and technological achievements accomplished by the international scientific community from academia and industry.

International projects

Joint work with NUS (Singapore) on data science

Joint work with UCSB (Univ. California Santa Barbara) on photonics laser sources


Director of the LTCI

  • Talel AbdessalemDirector of Research and Director of the LTCITélécom Parisemailemail




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