Center for Open Software Innovation (COSI)


The Center for Open Software Innovation (COSI) was established in 2018 within the LTCI Lab.

Its objectives are:

  • To present the open source projects created and co-created at LTCI;
  • To promote open development practices in computing as an important part of the open science movement;
  • to promote open source software and models in academia and in general;
    raise awareness among researchers and the public and provide relevant information to interested parties;
  • to provide the best possible support for open source software development communities (OSS).

A page of Useful Resources is also available.

Here is the list of open source projects to which LTCI members contribute.

The names shown are those of the LTCI members who contribute to the project, but they may not be the creators or managers of the project, their name is simply listed as the contact point for the project within Télécom Paris.

This list is under development and you can help to extend or correct it by sending an email to