Portrait Béatrice Cahour
Béatrice CahourSenior researcher

Repères biographiquesShort Biography

Beatrice Cahour is a Senior Researcher at the CNRS, Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (UMR 9217) and SES departement of Telecom Paris (IPP) in the axis “Interactions, Uses, Technologies ».

Before 2008, she was a researcher in the DYALANG Lab. of the University of Rouen, and in the IRIT Lab. of Toulouse.

Parallel studies in psychology, linguistics and ergonomics ; PhD in ergonomic psychology at INRIA ;  postdoctoral stay of one year in Los Angeles (ISI- University of Southern California)

Activités : enseignement, recherche, projetsActivities : Teaching, Research, Projects

Beatrice Cahour’s researches concern the use of new technologies, the cooperative interactions and the mobility modes (e.g. soft modes, car-pooling, autonomous and shared vehicles). She adopts a perspective of ergonomic psychology, focused on the analysis of the activity in real or projected contexts and the users’ lived experience (flow of action, cognition, feelings and sensations).

She teaches in several Masters in Ergonomics and Smart Mobility (Univ.Paris Sud, CNAM, Univ.Paris 8, Ecole des Ponts et Télécom Paris), supervises PhD Thesis with public and private fundings, is the President of the Research Association ARPEGE which organizes a bi-annual conference, is a member of the editorial board of the Revue d’Anthropologie des Connaissances and of Le Travail Humain/PUF.

Her current projects focus mainly on sources of comfort and discomfort in transport modes, and more specifically on shared and autonomous vehicles (necessary sharing for sustainable mobility), sources of trust/mistrust, and also excessive connexions of workers with Communication Technologies, risks and feelings induced and ways of changing the situation.

The list of part of her publications is available on HAL. For other publication, you can contact her.