Scientific publications from Télécom Paris

Télécom Paris’ scientific publications

HAL – Télécom Paris open archives

Télécom Paris open archive in HAL allows you to deposit and search for different scientific publications from members of Télécom Paris (articles, pre-published work, chapter from a book, conference proceedings…). HAL – Télécom Paris showcases and contributes to the radiation and the visibility of Télécom Paris (both nationaly and internationally).

This online platform takes part in a global movement of open science. The CRDN plays a central role in the open science and open archive development by helping teachers-researchers and doctorates to deposite their publications. Télécom Paris is a member of Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris).
Consult the collection of HAL IP Paris.


TEL – Theses from doctorates

TEL is HAL’s collection, dedicated to doctorate’s  theses and accreditation to conduct a research.


Annals of Telecommunications (Journal)

Annals of Telecommunications is an international journal, funded in 1946, that publish originals articles in the telecommunication areas. The journal is indexed in Scopus and Web of Science and established the impact factor to 1,546 for 2019. Annals of Telecommunications is published by Springer