Distributed Software Systems study track

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  • Designing computer systems
  • Perceiving trends in current systems
  • Implementation through practical work


The track offers an overview of theoretical foundations, structural models, solutions, practices and methods used by the architects and designer-developers of software and distributed systems. The goal is to help students acquire practical knowledge that will allow hem to better understand in-house engineering.

In practice

The issues addressed range from distribution to design, verification and validation, development life cycle and are supplemented with new fields of application.

Language of instruction: English

After the track

3rd year technological innovation at Télécom Paris

Master’s-Engineering Dual Degree

  • Distributed and parallel systems (IP Paris)
  • Algorithms and Foundations of Programming (Univ. Paris-Saclay)


The track aims to train specialists in computer science thanks to their skills in three key areas: advanced technologies in distributed systems, new development and deployment methods for software solutions, and business processes.

Professions include:

  • Architect or urban planner for distributed systems,
  • Software engineer – development of systems and
  • Integration engineer,
  • Consultant,
  • Project manager…


Adrien Boitreaud

The track provides an understanding of how current large computer systems work.
It offers a good balance of theory and practice. The theoretical aspect addresses distributed algorithms, including the foundations of blockchain and the development of software testing methods.
For the practical component, several projects are spread throughout the year to help students gain experience in Java by deploying systems integrating several machines or threads for distributed computing, for example.
In short, this track is ideal for those who wish to continue to code during their second year and discover computer concepts used in large-scale applications.
Adrien Boitreaud, class of 2023


Thiagi Felicissimo Cesar : témoignage filière SLR

The course revolves around two main areas: software engineering and distributed systems theory. For the first part, we see through various tutorials several technologies that are very important for the development of applications, such as the agile method and advanced Git and Java. For the theoretical part, we study distributed algorithms, including blockchain technologies.
The course is very application-oriented, perfect for those who like the practical side of computer science.
Thiago Felicissimo Cesar, class of 2021


Heads: Petr Kuznetsov and Rémi Sharrock
Head of international mobility and internship coordination : Petr Kuznetsov