Secure and Safe Hardware team [SSH]

The team’s research themes are on the architecture and methods required to design effective embedded systems with strong constraints such as security and reliability. Its objectives are closely linked to the study of cutting-edge technologies which enable designers to tackle ever increasing constraints that include complexity, reliability, energy efficiency, operational speed, security and flexibility. These research projects are closely linked to industry needs. They focus on new concepts for future technologies but also on the significant improvement of existing products. A good illustration of this is provided by the team’s scientific output, which consists not only in publications but also in patents that can be directly applied by industry and by open-source software.



The team’s work focuses on three major themes:

  • Security constraints are dealt with in the Trusted Computing Hardware theme
  • Reliability constraints are dealt with in the Analysis and Design of Reliable Processors Based on Unreliable Technologies theme
  • Complexity and energy efficiency constraints are dealt with in the Optimal Architectures for Complex Algorithms Implementations theme


Team members

  • Lirida Naviner, Professor, team leader
  • Sumanta Chaudhuri, Associate Professor
  • Jean-Luc Danger, Professor
  • Guillaume Duc, Associate Professor
  • Tarik Graba, AssociateProfessor
  • Ulrich Kühne, Associate Professor
  • Yves Mathieu, Professor
  • Maria Mushtaq, Associate Professor
  • Laurent Sauvage, Associate Professor
  • Abdelmalek Si merabet, Research Engineer

Key words

  • Hardware security of embedded systems against physical and cyber attacks
  • Hardware reliability of embedded systems
  • Architecture and design methods for embedded systems

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