Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services chair

In 2007, École polytechnique, Télécom Paris and Orange decided to create the Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services Chair to contribute to the ongoing development of a theoretical framework. Their aim is to develop together expertise and research in this field, to understand and analyze its basis in economic theory.


École polytechnique and Télécom Paris offer education programs for high-level engineers and scientists that are known for their excellence. They are also recognized for their expertise in the digital economy. The Orange Group is keen to extend its cooperation with higher education and research institutions and wishes to take part in the development of research and training in this topic of general interest.


Research themes

  • Understanding and anticipating the restructuring of value chains arising from the digitization of information and communication services
  • Understanding and anticipating changes in demand
  • Analyzing regulation models for changing markets, anticipating and evaluating regulation models that may prevail in the medium to long term
  • Evaluating institutional steering models

In practical terms:

  • Organizing and coordinating interdisciplinary seminars
  • Hosting high-caliber professors and researchers
  • Hosting PhD students and postdocs selected from among the best candidates internationally
  • Producing policy, state-of-the-art and prospective work