The Inventor's Journey (l'aventure de l'inventeur)


Follow the adventure of the researcher who becomes an inventor in his quest for innovation. The PIV (Intellectual Property and Valorization Pole) publishes a comic strip describing the journey of the inventor who is called upon to valorize his research work.

Episode 1 « Genesis »

Dr A is a Telecom Paris scholar who came up with a superb invention. However, he doesn’t know how to fully extract its potential. What to do now?

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[> Episode 2 « The PIV’s helping hand »]

Episode 2 « The PIV’s helping hand »

Dr. A gets wind of PIV and decides to meet with them. A meeting that will change his career as an inventor…

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[> Episode 3 « The Council »]

Episode 3 « The Council »

In order to have the right to continue this quest, our inventor will have to go before the Commission d’Engagement, a council of wise women and men who will then give him, or not, the opportunity to continue…

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[> Episode 4 « Protecting the invention »]

Episode 4 « Protecting the invention »

An invention is such a fragile thing! It is imperative to protect it. But at what cost?

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[> Episode 5 « The first quest »]

Episode 5 « The first quest »

Many challenges await Dr. A. The first is the realization that without gold, the journey cannot continue. A quest for Calls for Projects is then necessary…

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[> Episode 6 « The second quest »]

Episode 6 « The second quest »

The second quest will lead our hero and his faithful technology transfer officer to look for a customer for his invention. It will be a tough negotiation.

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[> Episode 7 « Sharing the Wealth »]

Episode 7 « Sharing the Wealth »

Dr. A is back in his homeland, grown from his experience and with arms full of gold, not only for himself, but also for his lab, which he has never left. The valorization of research feeds research, etc. The circle seems to have come full circle… but is the quest over?

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[> Episode 8 « The startup & the ‘Concours scientifique' »]

Episode 8 « The startup & the ‘Concours scientifique' »

Dr. A has tasted the adventure of innovation and doesn’t seem to want to stop there. So he decides to start his last and maybe most beautiful quest, that of creating his own startup…

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[> The « PIV » at a glance]

The « PIV » at a glance

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