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Since January 2020 Jan Gugenheimer is an Assistant Professor inside the LTCI’s DIVA team, working on several topics around Mixed Reality (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality).

As a PhD student at Ulm University (Germany) he was working in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, focusing on the field of Mobile/Nomadic Virtual Reality (scholar | dblp). During his studies he had the opportunity to visit and work within a variety of exciting research labs at universities (ETH Zurich, MIT Media Lab) and research institutions (Daimler AG, IBM, Mercedes Benz Research and Development North America, Microsoft Research).

In his research, he explores the interaction scenario that he named nomadic VR. Nomadic VR, is a novel interaction scenario in which a user is immersed in a virtual environment using a mobile VR HMD inside an unknown context (e.g., watching a 360-degree video while commuting by public transport). In his thesis, he defined this novel interaction scenario as nomadic VR and systematically explored its upcoming challenges and opportunities. For this, the interaction scenario was embedded into a larger vision of ubiquitous mixed reality, using models and approaches from the field of context-aware computing which already explain a similar transformation and paradigm shift from stationary PCs to mobile computing (smartphones).

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