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Marc Relieu is assistant professor at Telecom Paris and  researcher at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation i3.. His research mainly focuses on (1) the organization of co-presence activities, especially in public spaces, mostly based on empirical studies of the skills of people with disabilities (visually impaired, people with reduced mobility) , (2) organizing remote interactions (voice or written conversations, drawings, videocommunication  maps, virtual worlds) and (3) interactions with conversational robots (chatbots)

Activités : enseignement, recherche, projetsActivities : Teaching, Research, Projects

He is involved, along with Nicolas Rollet and Sophie Dalle-Nazébi (Télécom Paris), in the study of videoconferencing interactions in emergency situations built on collaborative approaches involving stakeholders from various organizations, such as Urgences 114 or the National Federation of Aphasic People in France (FNAF), as part of the Apha114 project.

H he is currently conducting a series of conversation analysis studies in the organization of interactions with conversational chatbots intended to lure their users.

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