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Sébastien Canard is a Professor at Télécom Paris since 2023.
He obtained his PhD thesis at Orange in 2003 under the supervision of Marc Girault. He then became a research engineer and security expert from 2003 to 2023 for the telecommunication operator Orange. He obtained his Habilitation thesis at the University of Caen Normandy in 2009, under the supervision of Brigitte Vallée on the topic of « cryptography for privacy ».

Activités : enseignement, recherche, projetsActivities : Teaching, Research, Projects

His research focuses on cryptography for cybersecurity, which he now applies to multiple topics such as data confidentiality in the cloud (based on advanced encryption such as homomorphic or functional encryption), privacy in contactless services (through anonymous and accountable authentication mechanisms, via cryptographic tools such as group or blind signatures), and the security of restricted environments in the IoT or V2X ( by working on lightweight cryptographic authentication and key agreement protocols, i.e., adapted to the limited resources of certain players). He is also interested in how to set up cryptographic systems resistant to quantum computers for these different contexts.

In his research work, he has supervised about fifteen PhD students, most of them in a CIFRE funding. He has also participated in and managed several collaborative projects funded by the ANR (PACE, SIMPATIC projects) or by the European Commission (SUPERCLOUD, PAPAYA and PROMETHEUS projects). The latter has indeed received several awards from the NIST competition on post-quantum cryptography, but also by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in France.

His teaching focuses on basic cryptographic mechanisms, on cryptographic protocols, particularly in the context of restricted environments, and on the issue of data protection in the cloud, via software and hardware techniques for confidential computing.