Back to school September 2023

You’re a student entering the Master’s Cycle as a 2nd year student at Télécom Paris (24 months):

Master 1 students or international equivalent; International Exchange Program students

  • From Saturday 26 August to Wednesday 30 August, 2023, included: integration weekend “WEI” organized by the Students’ Union
  • Monday 4 September at 10am (Paris time): welcome day & full day of administrative & class registration for new arrivals
  • Monday 4 September at 5pm (Paris time): official start of the year ceremony

Photo collective de la promo 2026
Welcome to your school, by Nicolas Glady, President of Télécom Paris.
– The training offer, by Bertrand David, Director of Education.
– Associative life, by Maël Le Guillouzic, President of the Students’ Union.
– The Télécom Paris alumni association, by Hélène DelahousseHaverbeke, President of Télécom Paris alumni, and Alexandra Deniaud, young graduate class of 2022.
– Photo of the 2026 class.

  • Tuesday 5 to Friday 8 September: introductions, administrative registration and pedagogical registration in particular.
  • Monday 11 September: first day of classes as per your schedule



Welcome booklet

Download Welcome booklet

Welcome booklet (cover)

Testimonials: first impressions

Clément, Guillermo, Jean, Mariia, Servane are new students: they talk about the reasons why they chose Télécom Paris and their impressions at the beginning of the year.

[Start of the year] Testimonial of Clément, first impressions (video)
[Start of the year] Testimonial of Guillermo, first impressions (video)
[Start of the year] Testimonial of Jean, first impressions (video)


[Start of the year] Testimonial of Mariia, first impressions (video)
[Start of the year] Testimonial of Servane, first impressions (video)