Connected cars and cybersecurity chair

The topics of the connected and autonomous car focus on some of the sharpest and most sensitive technical, social, ethical, economical and legal challenges of the digital transformation. Nonetheless, the design of an autonomous object, one that is mobile in a human environment, seems accessible to future technologies and needs to feature cybersecurity as a key success factor. To prepare for this outcome, Télécom Paris has just launched a new academic and research chair, with the support of Fondation Mines-Télécom and five major companies as partners: Nokia, Renault, Thales, Valeo and Wavestone.

The objective of the Connected Cars & Cyber Security (C3S) Chair  is to design international training and research programs, working closely with its partners. The chair will focus on the challenges linked to the emergence of this new mobility: is the desired level of autonomy of the vehicle compatible with its technological regulation? What is the right level of security for an autonomous vehicle? Can it be protected against any digital intrusion? Will it meet the mobility needs of city-dwellers and will it contribute to improving traffic flow and road safety, as well as reducing pollution?

Will embedded intelligence be able to detect problems and address them in real time? Can shared data be intercepted and used without control?  What are the legal and societal aspects that need to be taken into account in projects of this nature?

The chair is led by two Télécom Paris professors and researchers. Guillaume Duc is a specialist in embedded systems security and Rida Khatoun is an associate professor in network security and attack detection. The chair will also bring together a multidisciplinary team.

  1. Risk analysis and dependability
  2. Protection of data and data streams in real time, cryptography and agility
  3. Authentication, identity and behavioral patterns
  4. Resilience by design
  5. Protection of personal data in relation to connected vehicles (legal and societal aspects)
    For this last theme, the C3S Chair will be working closely with the IMT Values and Policies of Personal Information Chair, which Télécom Paris already contributes to.